Career at LOG.IN

Shape your future in the high-tech industry

Working at LOG.IN keywords: innovation, technological challenges, continuous growth, development of new products and custom projects from A to Z, team working, working toward goals, bonuses, international travels. Are you ready to join?

Opportunities for Students

We believe that industries shall play a key role in education by narrowing the theory-practice gap and providing the applicative know-how that is part of each company’s core business. If you are about to complete your university degree in computer science or electronic, telecommunications and aerospace engineering and want to write your thesis with a company, please contact us. We have a long list of exciting subjects we want to investigate and study with you.

Join as a newly Under-Graduate or Graduate

Mission achieved, and now what’s next? We continuously seek highly motivated newly under-graduates and graduates with strong technical school and university achievements in computer science or electronic, telecommunications and aerospace engineering. We offer the possibility of working next to the most skilled Aerospace & Defence sector professionals, continuous learning, and working toward goals and bonuses when you meet the targets.

Talented Professional

Are you a talented professional with a consolidated engineering or sales background in the Aerospace and Defence sector? Get in touch! We always seek for skilled professionals to expand our engineering teams, lead our projects and join our sales team in Italy and abroad.

Get Inspired …

Ivan has a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and joined LOG.IN in 2008, spending his first two years supporting a new flight simulator in Sweden. He continued his career in the Training System Support Team. Ivan is currently the manager of the Training & Simulation Business Unit. Do you think you are as skilled as he is? Please send us your CV!