Radio Spectrum Recorders

Intercept and record now, playback and analyse later

LOG.IN Radio Spectrum Recorders allows the recording of wide-band portions of the spectrum in the field and playback later to extract the signals of interest. Our Spectrum Recorders support various applications, including undercover signal intelligence, strategic SIGINT and COMINT and ITU-R spectrum measurements. The recorders have a ruggedised built to be operated outdoors or left unmanned in the field wherever the reception of the target signals is optimal. They can be powered using AC, DC and BB-2590 NATO standard batteries.
The Spectrum Monitoring Suite (SMS) is the software installed on all LOG.IN Radio Spectrum Recorders. SMS is a software suite of applications which supports all the signal collection phases, from recording to playback and signal extraction. Extracted signals may be used to feed third-party decryption/decoding systems or be imported into LOG.IN Spectrum Simulators for Verification & Validation and training.


HF-VHF-UHF Radio Spectrum Recorder


REC4201 is a ruggedised Radio Spectrum Recorder which operates over the frequency range 1-6000 MHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 80 MHz. The recorder has 8TB of internal data storage capacity, which enables recording data at maximum Instantaneous Bandwidth for multiple days. The recorded data are stored on removable Solid State Drives (SSD) to comply with Information Security policies. REC4201 has a ruggedised built to be installed and operated in harsh environments, including EW Tactical vehicles and ships. REC4201 can be powered using multiple sources, including BB-2590 NATO standard batteries, and it can be easily shipped and transported using its ruggedised case.

Key Features

  • HF-VHF-UHF Frequency Range (1-6000 MHz)
  • Large Instantaneous Bandwidth (up to 80 MHz)
  • Up to 2 independent RF channels
  • 8TB of internal data storage
  • Removable SSD for Information Security
  • Powerful Signal Database
  • Powerful tool to extract Target Signals
  • Low SWAP (Size, Weight and Power)
  • Synchronised via internal GNSS receiver
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Multiple power sources: AC, DC and NATO BB-2590 batteries
  • Designed in accordance to MIL-STD-810 G for outdoor operations and installation on moving platforms

Typical Applications

  • Strategic SIGINT and COMINT
  • Collection of signals in the field
  • Undercover signal collection in third country
  • ITU-R like spectrum measurements

Typical Installations

  • Ground fixed
  • On a portable telescopic mast
  • On board tactical EW vehicles
  • On board ships


  • Digital Signal Decoders for HF-VHF,UHF digital signals, Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) digitals signals including TETRA and DMR and, Military digital signals