Established 1983

Who We Are

LOG.IN is a 100% Italian, privately owned, high-technology company which designs and builds the most innovative solutions for the Electronic Warfare, Modelling & Simulation and Immersive EW Training sectors.

Our Mission

To provide the community of our users with the most advanced and innovative engineering and operational know-how to allow them to maintain the technological advantage over their opponents and competitors

Our Values

Commitment to deliver, whatever it takes. Operational focus. Continuous innovation. Loyalty to customers and partners.

LOG.IN Values

The Management Team

Agostino Scialanca

Founder & CEO

Agostino Scialanca attended the Naval Academy in Livorno, where he graduated in 1971. He graduated in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino in 1973. He served in the Italian Navy until 1980. He founded LOG.IN in 1983, and he has been LOG.IN CEO since then.

Filiberto Lanciotti

Vice President

Filiberto Lanciotti graduated in Electronic Engineering at Università di Bologna in 1984. He joined LOG.IN in 1986. He manages the electronic design and manufacturing operations. He has been LOG.IN Vice President since 2010.

Giovanni Scialanca

Head of Business Development

Giovanni Scialanca graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at Università di Pisa in 2003. He worked as a consultant at AgustaWestland for three years. He joined LOG.IN in 2007. Giovanni is the Head of Business Development.

Luca Pascale

Head of Electronic Warfare BU

Luca Pascale graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at Università di Pisa in 2007. He joined LOG.IN in 2007, as a Software Engineer for developing Software Defined Radio applications. Since 2012 he has been the Head of the Electronic Warfare Business Unit.

Ivan Marzanatti

Head of Modelling & Simulation BU

Ivan Marzanatti graduated in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2005. He joined the Flight Simulators Support Team at LOG.IN in 2008. Since 2016 Ivan is the Manager of Gallarate Regional Office and Head of the Modelling & Simulation Business Unit.

Francesca Giorgi

Chief Financial Officer

Francesca Giorgi studied in the United States and France before graduating from LUISS University in 2001. She worked for several years in the Top Management Team of an aerospace company, leader in manufacturing ultralight aircraft. Francesca joined LOG.IN in 2014 as Chief Financial Officer.

Our Know How and Expertise

Electronic Warfare

  • Software Defined Radio EW systems for SIGINT, C-ESM, COMINT, Spectrum Surveillance, Tactical C5ISREW
  • High-accuracy and high- speed Radio Direction Finding based on the Correlative Vector Interferometry technique
  • Emitter geolocalisation using DOA, TDOA, FDOA, hybrid techniques
  • Detection of Low Probability of Interception (LPI) signals
  • Automatic Signal classification, demodulation and decoding
  • Military-grade Counter-UAS RF sensors and jammers

Modelling & Simulation

  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF) software applications for maritime, land and air scenarios simulation
  • Customisation and integration of simulation plug-ins for third-party CGF servers
  • Electromagnetic scenarios simulation with hardware- in-the-loop and Radio Frequency signal generation
  • Modelling and Simulation of highly dynamic surface, ground and air platforms, including missiles
  • Modelling and simulation of EW sensors and aircraft systems

Immersive EW Training

  • Development of EW Training Simulators for immersive training using live signals and EW threats
  • Development of EW Stimulators for radio frequency EW equipments testing, ad-hoc EW training and EW doctrines Verification & Validation
  • EW Training Academy delivering mission oriented EW training courses from basic to advanced
  • All courses are UK MoD DSAT (JSP-822) compliant
  • Courses delivered by former UK MoD EW instructors / operators with several years of experience